How long does cbd stay in your system? Read this to know

how long does cbd stay in your system

Currently there is a great variety of products that are medicinal and originated from the plants; In relation to this it is important to know about the plant known as Cannabis that  is a drug very  used , according to ONU data about 3% of the world population consume this plant either for recreational or medicinal purposes, It is well known that THC is a psychotropic used for recreational purposes and cannabinoids like Cbd is used for medicinal purposes and one of the things that it is important to know how long does cbd stay in your system.

More of 500 substances found in cannabis between which is the Thc and cannabidiol. As was mentioned above the THC is used with recreational propose. In relation to Cannabidis is of medicinal use as it is the case of the cannabidiol that is used for treatment and therapies of diseases like glaucoma, chronic pains and nausea caused by chemotherapies among others.

It is important to know that the market there are a wide variety of products designed for the purpose of medicinal purposes such as Pure CBD, which is a high quality product widely used with a high degree of purity. When selecting products are necessary that are original products with the purpose of avoiding the use of adulterated products that put in irrigation.Cbd benefits

The factors that affect how long does cbd stay in your system

For know how long does cbd stay in your system, it is necessary to take in account a number of factors. However, according to the experts by expert in the case of people who used approximately 700 mg / day for 6 weeks of doses of Cbd for elimination of half of the CBD was estimated in about 2-5 days.

Estimating or predicting how long it takes to be removing from the body is necessary to know that our body processes this substance and there is a certain time in which the consumption of this substance is detectable. At the time that cannabinoids are consumed either THC or cannabidiol, these substances can be detected in our blood by a test.

It should be known that The most commonly used drug tests are designed to detect these metabolites and is the amount of time that remain in our systems that cannabis users in any presentation want to know how long does cbd stay in your system

Also the substances that are extracted of cannabis are detectable in tests of urine according to what it expresses indicates that the urine tests can detect marijuana of 1 to 5 days after an occasional use, of 1 to 3 weeks in regular users and of 4 To 6 weeks in multiple daily users. There are rules that establish that if users want to be sure that urine tests do not detect this substance is recommended to wait 30 days or more; however there are who to be underinsurance they recommend waiting the time doubles

It is also necessary to know how long it takes to stay in your system it is necessary to know that this depends on the organism of each person, the time and the dose to which it is added, there are those who can take more time to eliminate it than others.

Conclusion about how long does cbd stay in your system

Cannabis and substances extracted from this plant either with recreational fine or medicinal can be detected by means of urine or blood tests. To predict how long does cbd stay in your system is quite complex. It depends on a series of factors such as the doses and the body of each and according to experts is recommended wait a time of 30 days. The consumers to have greater certainty prefer to wait twice as long.