FavWorld: Conductive Gel for Ultimate Abs Stimulator

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Electrode gel is crucial for doctors, nurses, or sonogram techs when they want to use electrodes on the skin to read electrical impulses on the body or to treat the body with electrical muscle stimulation. The gel is actually vital when you want to do anything from read brainwaves, to check on the health and growth of a baby, or treat injured muscles with electrical stimulation, because without it, electrical impulses simply cannot be properly recorded or used.

The upper dermis, the outside layer of the skin that you see and come into contact with on a regular basis, is made up of skin cells that are dead. As such, these skin cells act as a good resistor to make it difficult for electrical activity to go through them. That is why a cood conductor is so important.

What is Conductive Gel?

A viscous and salty liquid, the gel acts as a conductor between your skin and the electrodes. They help detect the electrical activity under your skin and directing electrical activity through your skin to your muscles and nerve endings.

The Importance of Conductive Gel

To use electric muscle stimulation effectively, it’s extremely important to use a quality gel. The gel is also important for the longevity of the electrode to be used on the skin. Conductive gel is really good for binding the electrodes to the skin and for dispersing the electrical stimulation to the areas of concern in an efficient manner.

Additionally, for electrodes to function properly, it is crucial that they remain wet or hydrated. If they stay moisturized, it increases their ability to be used over and over again. Additionally, it’s important to keep the electrodes from drying out, or getting dirty with skin oils, dander, dirt, and other contaminants, which can decrease their effectiveness. Using a conductive gel that is high quality can keep the electrodes on something like your ab stimulator working for a lot longer and working more effectively.

What happens when the electrodes can’t adhere properly?

If electrodes can’t adhere properly they can cause complications and they can also lose effectiveness. If you experience skin irritation, or you get shocked by the electrodes, or even feel some burning, it’s because your electrodes are not adhering and working properly on the skin. Whenever you use an ab stimulator, it’s extremely important to use a conductive gel in order to prevent any of the above from happening (in extreme cases), but also in order to make sure you are getting the most efficient muscle contractions and work out possible.

How to keep safe when using an abs stimulator

Ab stimulators are very effective tools for toning and strengthening the ab muscles. They are also convenient to use, because you don’t even have to think about working out while wearing an ab belt or a muscle stimulator for your arms or even your legs. However, it’s important to follow safety precautions, especially when it comes to the use of a good conductive gel.

  • Do not exceed 40 minutes of use when using a muscle stimulator and only do one work out session per muscle group per day.
  • Make sure skin is clean and clear of any lotions, oils, dirt or other substance that can impede the proper workings of the muscle stimulator.
  • Use a generous amount of conductive gel with every use.
  • Do not allow the gel to dry out, flake, or become dirty.
  • If you feel a burning sensation or a shock, remove the unit immediately. Once your skin heals, be sure to protect yourself with the gel in order to prevent such a reaction.
  • Be sure to clean and store your electrode unit properly to keep it clean and extend the longevity of it.
  • Physicians and physical therapists can promote self-adhesive electrode comfort and safety by

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