What is nutrition and what are the benefits and importance of it?


Nutrition is that procedure in which the body assimilates the food and liquids we eat for the proper functioning of growth and the performance of our daily activities. In addition to that, it is part of medicine that studies the relationship between what we eat and health.

Normally, those individuals who seek to achieve a basic balance in what they eat, either in order to maintain correct health or because they present a problem with obesity, usually access a specialist in the area of nutrition, in order to obtain some of the healthy diets that help them eliminate any likelihood of diseasenutrition benefits

What is nutrition and its performance

Proper nutrition will guarantee you a good performance in the everyday. There are 6 types of nutrients that are important for your body and you need to consume them to achieve a healthy lifestyle

The fats

Although it is well-known that excess fats can harm your body, they also play an important role. Fat allows our body to stay active. However, as I said before, high consumption can bring about quite serious consequences.

The vitamins

Vitamins are important and the proportion of vitamins in our body helps the correct functioning of our internal organs.


Proteins are crucial and should be taken in the first instant of the morning. We should consider consuming at least a considerable amount, so that our body stays active and can participate in each of the daily functions we perform as human beings.


These form a key point to increase our metabolism, apart from defusing a number of psychological roles. Bread, pasta, rice and cereals can be part of those foods that you can consume without any problem.


Water is one of the most important liquids for anyone in the world. Not only does it help our body to look purified, but it also helps release toxins and makes our skin look radiant. In addition, experts say that it is really important to consume at least one liter of water daily. This with the goal of achieving the weight we want and stable nutrition.

The minerals

These are indispensable for our health, and also collaborate with the body to act in a normal and everyday way, thus achieving a correct dietary and nutritional order in a chemical sense.

Each of these components are important for proper nutrition

As the title says, each of these mentioned components play an important role for a proper nutrition. We hope that by knowing not only what nutrition is, but also its components, and its benefits start to use a diet that guarantees a balanced diet with each of the nutrients required to get what you expect from your body and it’s functioning. Do not miss the opportunity to look good and healthy in the same time.

Some healthy habits for weight loss you should know

healthy habits

Family cooking can trigger unhealthy food routines. That is why it is important to always follow some healthy habits to lose weight. If your shelves are filled with sugary drinks, rearrange the kitchen to turn the foods that stimulate the diet into the most natural choice.

Healthy tips and habits to lose weight

It is recommended to keep healthy foods in view. You can have a bowl of fruit on the sideboard and vegetables previously chopped in the refrigerator. When you feel hungry, you will have healthy food hand. To reduce temptation, in the event that you cannot control yourself with cookies, you must keep these and other foods that ruin the diet out of reach, or even better, out of the house.healthy habíts menu

You should always eat from dishes. Eating directly from a container or bag promotes excessive consumption of food. You can use smaller plates. If you start a meal with much less food in front, you will probably eat less when you finish.

Heathy eating and healthy habits for weight loss

Life is busy and many people end up eating without thinking about the food they are taking in their mouths. The following habits can help you avoid this careless diet.

It is always recommended to eat breakfast because an empty stomach is an invitation to overeat. Start the day with whole wheat bread or cereals, low-fat milk or yogurt and a piece of fruit.

Good advice is to plan ahead. You should not wait until you are hungry to decide what to eat. You should plan your meals. In addition, unhealthy choices will be easier to ignore.

We have to turn off the equipment, when we are eating. Eating with your eyes on the television, computer or any other screen helps to distract and further away the mind from what you are eating. Not only do you miss the food tasting, but you are more likely to eat in much more and in excess.

When you start to consume, you should eat healthy foods first. Start with a soup or salad and you will have less appetite when you get to the main course. Simply avoid soups and salad dressings based on creams.

Small portions can be eaten frequently. For example instead of 2 or 3 large meals, you can eat smaller meals and healthy snacks to spend all day.
The information on the scale will help you see how your weight goes up or down according to how you eat. Keep your home fresh. Feeling a bit chilly in winter can help you burn more calories than if you keep your home warmer.

Emotional feeding or eating for convenience rather than nutrition can make a big difference in what and how much you eat. To improve your relationship with food, you must pay attention. For example, listen to the body about how certain foods make you feel bad. Fried foods could taste great now. This is a good way to build healthy habits.

The best nootropic stack for motivation: read this to know

best nootropic stack for motivation

In the present there are a lot of supplements and drugs that allow people to increase their mental capacities, to be more intelligent, to have greater capacity of memory and motivation. Some people think that the pills are not important to increase the motivation the answer is Affirmative. So there are a lot of supplements in the market oriented to seek to improve motivation and for this reason there are the best nootropic stack for motivation.

Referring to motivation implies internal states that direct the organism towards specific goals or purposes; they are the impulses that move the person to perform certain actions and persist in them for their culmination. This term is related to will and interest.

One of the most used and efficient supplements is the Brain Plus IQ is an excellent supplement that will help you to be much healthier, be smarter, have greater memory capacity as well as motivation.

The true of best nootropic stack for motivation

According to the above mentioned many people think that best nootropic stack for motivation is not true. But the reality is that the notropicos can help you to have greater motivation.nootropic stack for motivation

It is necessary to know that many of the nootropic act directly on the neurotransmitters and neurons, to nourish them and improve their functioning. Dopamine is a human-made neurotransmitter and a wide variety of animals, including both vertebrates and invertebrates. According to its chemical structure, dopamine is a phenylethylamine, a catecholamine that functions as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.

The level of dopamine varies in each individual, so there are people more perseverant than others to reach a goal. “Dopamine leads to maintain the level of activity to achieve what is pursued, so in principle is positive, however, will always depend on the stimuli that are sought”.

It is necessary to know that dopamine is thought to regulate pleasure and reward; That when you get something that satisfies you dopamine releases, but the latest research shows that this neurotransmitter acts in advance, is the  that moves us to act, is released to achieve something, either avoiding an evil or achieving a good.

We all to do things from time to time, but if you are struggling on a consistent basis, then there may be something wrong with your dopaminergic system.

It is true that motivation is partly situational, but there is also a significant and often overlooked physical component. If your brain does not produce enough suitable chemicals, you will find yourself stalled. Nootropics for work motivation by boosting the production, release and absorption of important neurotransmitters such as dopamine

When you think nootropic stack for motivation you need to know that there are a great deal of nootropic that can serve to improve your motivation as they are:

  • Brain Plus IQ
  • Mafafinil
  • 5-http
  • Sulbutamine
  • Branch

Conclusion about best nootropic stack for motivation

When referring to best nootropic stack for motivation, it is necessary to know that much of the nootropic act directly on the neurotransmitters and neurons. It is true that the motivation is partly situational, but there is also a significant and often overlooked physical component so that in many cases the lack of motivation may be due to low levels of Dopamine and it is necessary to take certain products that help normalize levels and have a higher degree of motivation.

Everything about minoxidil and erectile dysfunction

minoxidil and erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects a large number of men worldwide. This problem can be due to a great number of causes ranging from physical to psychological, but it is necessary that people do not be embarrassed by this and seek medical help because they may even be indicative of a more serious illness. Due to this problem they have generated a lot of supplements in order to cure these problems and one of the things that has caused interest is minoxidil and erectile dysfunction.

Minoxidil is a vasodilator that was originally used orally to treat patients with severe and resistant cases of high blood pressure. It has been effective in subjects with the most severe and drug-resistant forms of hypertension, for example, in some renal patients. In regard to the originally, it was marketed in tablets and used exclusively in hypertensive patients. Being a vasodilator, it has an excellent response in this type of pathologies.

In relation to erectile dysfunction when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction is necessary before treating it know the cause that originates this. It can go from the physical to the psychological, also certain operations or the use of certain drugs can cause it; correct diagnosis is critical to selecting the right treatment. One of the treatments most used today are supplements such as the Testoultra in south africa

The true about minoxidil and erectile dysfunctionminoxidil erectile dysfunction side effects

It is necessary to know that when speaking of minoxidil and erectile dysfunction, different studies have been performed. The studies began when it was possible to determine minoxidil was used for treatment of Hypertension, but over time by observation in patients suffering from high blood pressure was determined that this drug helped increase hair so it is also an act for baldness.

But because it was possible to counteract the baldness. The answer lies in the fact that action of these drugs is to slow down the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is a derivative of testosterone. Well, returning to the subject of baldness, Minoxidil inhibits the production of DHT causing the long all problems related to low hormonal levels in addition to erectile dysfunction.

Due to the above mention is made of minoxidil and erectile dysfunction, the drug to treat male alopecia, could produce “significant adverse effects on the sexual health of some individuals.”

Although at the time of saying use this product it is necessary to consult with your doctor of confidence because as there are opinions that maintain minoxidil can affect your sexual activity, there are also who maintain that there is no convincing evidence and that only in 2% of the users have generated problems.

In case you suffer from erectile dysfunction one of the supplements that are very used to treat problems of supplements that are very used and effective is called Rx24.

Conclusion about minoxidil and erectile dysfunction

There is a great variety of drug used to treat different conditions such as hypertension and alopecia. But there are those who hold an opinion as minoxidil and erectile dysfunction because they manifest that affects testosterone. And there are who maintain that It has no side effects, so when using this product it is necessary to consult with your doctor before using it.

How long does cbd stay in your system? Read this to know

how long does cbd stay in your system

Currently there is a great variety of products that are medicinal and originated from the plants; In relation to this it is important to know about the plant known as Cannabis that  is a drug very  used , according to ONU data about 3% of the world population consume this plant either for recreational or medicinal purposes, It is well known that THC is a psychotropic used for recreational purposes and cannabinoids like Cbd is used for medicinal purposes and one of the things that it is important to know how long does cbd stay in your system.

More of 500 substances found in cannabis between which is the Thc and cannabidiol. As was mentioned above the THC is used with recreational propose. In relation to Cannabidis is of medicinal use as it is the case of the cannabidiol that is used for treatment and therapies of diseases like glaucoma, chronic pains and nausea caused by chemotherapies among others.

It is important to know that the market there are a wide variety of products designed for the purpose of medicinal purposes such as Pure CBD, which is a high quality product widely used with a high degree of purity. When selecting products are necessary that are original products with the purpose of avoiding the use of adulterated products that put in irrigation.Cbd benefits

The factors that affect how long does cbd stay in your system

For know how long does cbd stay in your system, it is necessary to take in account a number of factors. However, according to the experts by expert in the case of people who used approximately 700 mg / day for 6 weeks of doses of Cbd for elimination of half of the CBD was estimated in about 2-5 days.

Estimating or predicting how long it takes to be removing from the body is necessary to know that our body processes this substance and there is a certain time in which the consumption of this substance is detectable. At the time that cannabinoids are consumed either THC or cannabidiol, these substances can be detected in our blood by a test.

It should be known that The most commonly used drug tests are designed to detect these metabolites and is the amount of time that remain in our systems that cannabis users in any presentation want to know how long does cbd stay in your system

Also the substances that are extracted of cannabis are detectable in tests of urine according to what it expresses indicates that the urine tests can detect marijuana of 1 to 5 days after an occasional use, of 1 to 3 weeks in regular users and of 4 To 6 weeks in multiple daily users. There are rules that establish that if users want to be sure that urine tests do not detect this substance is recommended to wait 30 days or more; however there are who to be underinsurance they recommend waiting the time doubles

It is also necessary to know how long it takes to stay in your system it is necessary to know that this depends on the organism of each person, the time and the dose to which it is added, there are those who can take more time to eliminate it than others.

Conclusion about how long does cbd stay in your system

Cannabis and substances extracted from this plant either with recreational fine or medicinal can be detected by means of urine or blood tests. To predict how long does cbd stay in your system is quite complex. It depends on a series of factors such as the doses and the body of each and according to experts is recommended wait a time of 30 days. The consumers to have greater certainty prefer to wait twice as long.