What are the allowed foods of the dissociated diet?

allowed foods of the dissociated diet

The allowed foods of the dissociated diet depend in reality of the due combination of what the food is made.  For example, as far as ice-cream is concerned, it is possible to consume it, only if it belongs to one simple class. You cannot mix flavors and cookies should not be included. When we make a broth or a plate of different foods, for example: if you make paellas on the menu, you can consume the vegetables and rice and leave aside the meats.dissociated diet food

To prepare the calculations of the meals, use semolina of vegetables. This is compatible with all foods. Also species, when taken in moderation, can be used to season the food. It is recommended to begin the day with a glass of lemon juice, sweetened with honey.
Alcoholic drinks make you fat. That is why it is recommended not to consume them at any time. Regarding the dissociated diets we find different methods, such as the precursor of this regime, the Shelton diet.

The allowed foods of the dissociated diet

Mixing food is the key to this diet. It was created in the 50’s becoming one of the most known dissociated diets. It is based on three fundamental concepts:

  • Fruit should not be taken at the end of meals. It is recommended separately, on an empty stomach.
  • Proteins (such as meat, fish) should not be mixed with foods that are carbohydrates (eggs, bread, pasta and rice) to avoid digestive problems. It is best to combine them with vegetables.
  • It is recommended to avoid sugary and dairy foods.

In the other dissociated diet created by Albert Antoine, there is a variant of the dissociated diet designed. It consists of consuming only one type of food per day and for one day. So for example, on Monday you will consume fish, Tuesday is a vegetable day, Wednesday dairy products are allowed, on Thursday you can eat fruit, Saturday is meat day and on Sunday you can combine anything.

The most well-known now has been designed by the specialist of French origin Montignac in the year 1980. Although, later appeared some variants in which they must take into account the variations of the glycemic index. This allows you to have some flexibility. Thus, the diet avoids foods that raise blood sugar levels, which usually include flat bread, pasta, sweets, fats, alcohol and coffee.

Allowed foods of the dissociated diet for losing weight

In the dissociated diet is recommended to follow some basic instructions. For example, you cannot eat meat proteins and carbohydrates after 7:00 p.m. You should also respect the time for digestion which is at least three hours. You cannot take dairy products after the meal, only yogurts called bio, coffee or various infusions.

Bio yogurt has compatibility with everything, at all times. It is not recommended to drink cokes or juices while they are in the process of digestion. Drink water or wine. When cooking, fry with very hot oil and then drain and wrap in paper napkins. This is what should be taken into account in relation to the allowed foods of the dissociated diet.

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