Spa: Tips for Beginners

  • Do not hesitate to ask whether the service is provided by a woman or a man. In case of discomfort with any of the options, nothing like making it clear from the start.
  • When making an appointment for treatments, remember that it is not advisable to fix them either before lunch (hunger can distract you from relaxing) or immediately after a meal, as it is not advisable to alter your digestion. Alcohol intake is also not recommended.
  • Does your day include sports activities? Nothing like scheduling a relaxing massage for the end of the day. Relieves possible stiffness and helps you to recover better.
  • Not everyone feels comfortable undressing completely in front of a masseuse. Don’t hesitate to say it: good professionals understand it perfectly and know how to do their job without hurting modesty or sensitivity.
  • Before you book, study prices carefully: sometimes hidden extras can fatten the final price considerably.
  • Please note that if you cancel your reservation with less than eight hours notice, you may be charged for the treatment.
  • Nothing like arriving fifteen minutes early at the spa to enjoy swimming pools, Turkish baths, relaxation areas or similar facilities before any treatment and enhance the overall experience.

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