Take Care of Yourself Inside and Out

Follow these 9 simple tips and you will notice the positive effects on your body and mind.

A daily facial cleansing follows. On other occasions we have indicated the steps to follow to establish a daily routine of cleansing and care of the face and to show off a glowing skin every day.

Do not forget to exfoliate your whole body, it is a very important step of your beauty routine, to eliminate dead cells and impurities and thus, look radiant and beautiful skin. The ideal is to do it weekly or fortnightly, because if you do it more often you can dry and flake your skin. You can do it at home or go to a specialized beauty center. If you are constant, in a short time you will see how your skin changes, looks splendid and without imperfections.

Drink juices, water, infusions, liquid and more liquid to expel impurities and hydrate you properly. The body loses a large amount of water every day, this loss of body water must be compensated again, thus avoiding dehydration of the body, which can affect your physical and mental performance.

Wear a mask suitable for your skin type. Depending on your skin type, whether young or mature, dry, mixed or oily, sensitive to cold or colds, you will need a specific moisturizing, purifying, soothing, flash effect mask… Choose the one your skin needs… Don’t forget!

That little bit of exercise a day that I don’t miss. Spend at least 30 minutes a day moving your body, gym, walk, pool, bicycle, etc. The options are endless to combat sedentary lifestyles and all their harmful consequences.

Your perfume is your personal touch, it says many things about yourself, your taste, your mood and the sensory imprint you want to leave on those around you. Spray it on his neck and wrists every morning.

Massage your body and face regularly and take advantage of its bodily and emotional benefits. We need to suffer a pain to put you in the hands of a chiropractor. The relaxation and balance provided by massage prevent serious ailments, stress and depression. A massage is an investment in your own present and future well-being.

Relax moment: take a bath with your favorite mineral salts. Something as simple as a bathtub with water tempera, foam and mineral salts with suggestive and evocative aromas, can provide you with your deserved time of disconnection.

Sleep at least 7 hours a day, your skin will thank you.

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